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EvalX is a next-level survey system — straightforward and intuitive to set up and use, yet capable of providing meaningful statistical output.
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Why should you use EvalX?

EvalX is a fully-articulated survey system originally forged to meet the granular evaluation needs of higher education systems. Too many evaluation systems fall into the trap of delivering misleading or meaningless statistics; EvalX is designed to avoid such statistical confusion and noise. If you prefer a discerning survey approach that doesn’t “monkey” around or serve as a Blackboard afterthought, EvalX offers the clarity you have been seeking.
Evalx provides a streamlined delivery system and more thoughtful statistical platform. Likert scales and medians are two simple examples of this more purposeful approach.

Internal and Public User Management
  • Create and customize your own surveys and templates
  • Send to selected individuals or large groups with a single click
  • Gather personal or anonymous feedback as needed
  • Manually enter additional hand-written data as administrator
  • Quickly add public users such as students or clients using the bulk invite feature
  • Easily add authorized users to create and manage surveys
  • Customize internal roles as survey administrator, and much more...

Survey and Evaluation Management
Choose from several simple options to get started: use a standard template, copy an existing survey, or draft a new survey from scratch.
Survey setup is intuitive, with a straightforward graphical user interface that requires no training to use. Add, copy, or delete questions with a single mouse click, and then enter or modify the text to suit your needs.
Customization options are almost endless. You can create surveys of any length, with any combination of question and response types, including long or short text, multiple choice or drop down menus, rating scales, and date/time. As the survey administrator, you choose which responses are required or optional.

For institutional course evaluations, filter by list of colleges, professors, semesters, and courses to look up results, or or search for any part of the name or course number.
Check at a glance how many surveys are completed and send customizable reminders to those who have not yet completed their evaluation.
View results in an easy-to-read format or easily export to your own spreadsheets
Send customizable reports to third parties as needed

Basic (Starter)
Get started for free - create your first survey today
Ask up to 20 questions per survey
Create up to 200 surveys
Manage up to 200 users
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Pro Version (Popular)
Professional version subscription removes all limitations
$10/ Month
Customize your cover page
Customize your "thank you" page
Use the various tools for the questions
Evaluate programs
Collect responses via email and web
Enter handwritten notes manually
Review survey and evaluation results
Ask unlimited questions
Create unlimited surveys
Manage unlimited users

About us

Henry Biggs is the President and Chief Technology Officer for Eusabian Technologies. He graduated from Harvard with a Bachelors in Classics, completing his PhD in statistical analysis and foreign language at UCLA. Biggs also has advanced degrees in Computer Science (MS), Business (MBA) and Law (JD, LLM, M2). Biggs has served as a university Professor, Chair, and Dean; his career in university administration inspired him to create EvalX as a response to the inadequacies of the survey software currently available. Biggs is also an occasional swimmer.